„How far for the money?: affluence and democratic degrowth potential in Europe“ is the title of the chapter from the recently published book „Green European: environmental behaviour and attitudes in Europe in a historical and cross-cultural comparative perspective“. The authors of the chapter are Branko Ančić (Centre for Research in Social Inequalities and Sustainability – ISRZ) and Mladen Domazet (Institute for Political Ecology).

In this chapter the authors explore the extent to which the environmentally-motivated degrowth potential is present among European populations. The findings indicate the prevalence of common awareness of environmental limits to growth among all European national populations, but different potential to address them between ‘richer’ (core) and ‘poorer’ (semi-peripheral) states.

From the book reviews:

„Empirical, and methodologically sophisticated, this excellent volume is the first systematic comparative study of environmental attitudes using the ISSP in over two decades. It explores with great insight environmental attitudes and behaviour in Europe and elsewhere.”

Jon Pammett, Carleton University, Canada

Further information about the publication can be obtained from the ISRZ Repository: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/524/.