Days of Educational Sciences

6th Days of Educational Sciences (October 16 - 18 2024, Zagreb, Croatia)

Future of Education: New Directions in Research and Practice

In contemporary times marked by an exceptional development of technologies, the presence of global crises and constant social changes, and even tensions that shape the complex context of the educational system, it is imperative to seek new educational paradigms and shape innovative developmental directions that can address these challenges.

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5th Days of Educational Sciences (October 19 -20, 2022, Zagreb, Croatia)

How to foster well-being in educational settings during challenging times?

In recent years educational debates within the scientific and broader community have been focused, besides on the academic success of pupils, acquisition of educational outcomes and effectiveness of the educational system, on enabling and developing the psychosocial well-being and contentment of participants in educational processes. Therefore, the topic of the 5th Days of Educational Sciences is dedicated to interdisciplinary research of the well-being of pupils, teachers, professors, expert associates, principals, deans, parents, and the factors that contribute to their well-being and contentment in the educational, and also the broader social setting.

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4th Days of Educational Sciences (October 25 - 26, 2018, Zagreb, Croatia)

The Educational System: a Confining and/or Stimulating Environment

In contemporary societies, the demands placed on schools and other educational institutions are becoming more and more complex, affecting in a variety of ways the daily experience of students, teachers and other stakeholders in the educational process. The dynamics of these changes opens up various possibilities for improving the process of learning and teaching at all educational levels (from pre-school education to tertiary and post-tertiary education), but it can also deepen the existing and generate new educational problems and contradictions. In such a situation, it is of particular importance to harmonize the demands for the new types of knowledge and skills and the demands for raising educational standards with the need for the overall development of children and young people.

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3rd Days of Educational Sciences (October 20 - 21, 2016, Zagreb, Croatia)

Educational change: challenges and expectations

In recent years we have witnessed the intensification of the professional and public debate on educational changes, from those that permeate the whole system to the changes in everyday teaching in the classroom. Regardless of the level at which it occurs, each change is a challenge for those that participate in it, but also an opportunity for making the learning and teaching better, more interesting and more meaningful for the students and the teachers, the school or the whole educational system.

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2nd Days of Educational Sciences (October 16 - 17, 2014, Zagreb, Croatia)

The Role of Research in Educational Change

In the last 20 years, we have witnessed an increasing and widening profile of research activities in the field of education. This is evident through research endeavours of increasingly varied scope, ranging from international assessment and testing of abilities, through research at national and regional levels, to action research at the level of an individual school. At the same time, there has been an expansion of the methods in which data is collected, from population data at the level of individual countries through to quantitative research and qualitative studies. In addition, this has been accompanied by significant methodological improvements in the analytical procedures applied to the collected data.

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