Urban/Rural and Science Research Centre / URSRC

Activity / Aim of the Centre

The staff at the Urban/Rural and Science Research Centre (URSRC) use an interdisciplinary approach to studying the development of science in the context of space and specific conditions of a country, region, town, village etc. The Institute for Social Research in Zagreb and its teams for science and space have a long tradition of analysing social changes in these two key areas. The aim of the URSRC is to examine and continually observe the ongoing scientific activities through science centres and analyse the situation in contemporary urban and rural areas of Croatia and other post-socialist countries.
In the context of social science and urban/rural space research it is vital to examine the aspects and the influence of scientific activities, scientific infrastructure and scientific community on various areas and regions, as well as their effects on the development of the entire society.
Some of the most relevant research topics are as follows:

  • sociodemographic profile of the scientific community (university centres) in Croatia and other countries in the region
  • the quality of life within the population of students, scientists and within the general population of Croatia
  • the influence of scientific centres on the development of economy and innovation at the local, national and regional level
  • the evaluation of scientific institutions (university centres), their scientific excellence, productivity, visibility and collaboration at various levels (social network analysis)
  • the development and structure of social sciences
  • the development and monitoring of the processes in space; the urbanization, suburbanization and ruralisation processes (coalescence of settlements, settlement networks, urban systems, urban renewal, revitalization, gentrification, senilisation, depopulation, deruralisation, sustainable development etc.)
  • the mobility of scientists and students
  • the connections between various types of settlements (housing, functionality and equipment of individual settlements and city districts)
  • the application and transfer of knowledge at the local, national and regional level.

Research Staff

Anđelina Svirčić Gotovac, PhD, Head of the Centre
Josip Bilić, MA
Ratko Đokić, PhD
Filip Fila, MA
Anamaria Klasić, MA
Nikola Petrović, PhD
Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić, PhD


National and international cooperation

  • Institute of Economics, Zagreb
  • Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb
  • Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Law in Rijeka, University of Rijeka
  • Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb
  • Urban Planning Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad, Serbia