Associate of the Center for Youth and Gender Studies Dorina Sraka participated in the two-day Boot Camp that was held in Zadar from 26. -27th September in Impact Center. In cooperation with the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) from Belgium and partners from Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain and Iceland), GONG implemented project Digital Ecosystem for E-participation Linking Youth (Deep-Linking Youth) about digital democracy. Project includes research and development of platforms and digital content to monitor and to foster debate about the future of student mobility and Erasmus + program. The training dealt with the theme of digital democracy with a focus on listening to the voice of young people on mobility and the future of the Erasmus + program. Also additional themes discussed in Bootcamp were about digital democracy and young people – on-line engagement of young people, their digital literacy and ways of using the Internet, as well as problems and unacceptable speech in digital area, forms of civic and political participation of youth mobility and Erasmus + programs.