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   The Educational System: a Confining and/or Stimulating Environment      Organisation

In contemporary societies, the demands placed on schools and other educational institutions are becoming more and more complex, affecting in a variety of ways the daily experience of students, teachers and other stakeholders in the educational process. The dynamics of these changes opens up various possibilities for improving the process of learning and teaching at all educational levels (from pre-school education to tertiary and post-tertiary education), but it can also deepen the existing and generate new educational problems and contradictions. In such a situation, it is of particular importance to harmonize the demands for the new types of knowledge and skills and the demands for raising educational standards with the need for the overall development of children and young people. Such development can only take place in an inclusive educational environment that is sensitive to the needs of all students, especially those who need additional support (e.g. students with developmental disabilities, lower socio-economic status students, gifted or minority students). The educational system should also be an environment that is stimulating and supportive for the educational staff, and in which their professional development can take place without hindrance. In this regard, exploring opportunities for the development of the potential of all students and educators is a challenge for researchers and scientists dealing with contemporary education.

The 4th Days of Educational Sciences are therefore dedicated to research of those elements of formal education that can stimulate, but also to those that can confine the full development of young people, and the work and professional development of educators. We invite scientists and researchers in the field of education to contribute to the discussion on this topic by presenting their papers.

Organising Institution

Institute for Social Research in Zagreb,
Centre for Educational Research and Development

Conference Venue

University of Zagreb
Centre for Postgraduate Studies
Zvonimirova 8
10000 Zagreb

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